Research “Is CSR Changing Business?” – latest news

We published our Press Release through CSRWire service see here:; and we continue to reach our personal contacts and pass the news to networks. Participation in our research is growing well. I cannot disclose findings yet, but below is some information on our progress.

Who are our respondents so far?

The research has already attracted participants from a wide range of companies. To mention some of their organizations: Allianz, Alstom, Arriva Group, Arup, at&t, Axa, Axway, Barilla, Bombardier, China Ting Group, Commerzbank AG, Conduent, Dentsu Aegis, Diageo, Genpact, HSBC, La-Z-Boy, Lagardère, Lowe’s, Merial, Mosanto, O2, Omya, Oxy, Pepsico, Philips Lightning, PwC, Royal Canin, Saint Gobain, Sealed Air Corporation, Smithfield, UTC Aerospace Systems and Vale. Participants respond in their names, not as representatives of their organizations – but this list witnesses the relevance of our questions.

A little less than half of the participants so far (48%) spend less than 25% of their working time on CSR issues: this will definitely inform our goal of understanding how CSR permeates organizations – as a reminder, the questionnaire is open to non-experts, and we look forward to receiving answers from sustainability non-specialists in particular.

Why do respondents fill the survey?

Responses will help find how to foster sustainability within business. The questionnaire is also a good way to nurture thinking, as you can see from the participants’ comments mentioned below. Last but not least, they will receive a personal copy of the research report free of charge in May, and they look forward to it.

Will we find if corporate social responsibility is now mainstream and non-financial value creation part of most decisions? Or will we find there is still a lot to do and be able to gather some good practices? What I am sure is that many (maybe most) senior and middle managers have sustainability in mind, but it is a big mountain to climb: they would appreciate insights on how to incorporate its challenges in their strategies and everyday business lives – so that BAU becomes SBAU.

Interested? If you are into the topic of sustainability or CSR, whatever your degree of expertise is, and if you are a senior or middle manager in an organization of more than 2000 employees, come join and fill the survey ! It takes 25 minutes to complete, and has 4 main sections: Decision-making Path and Processes, Human Rights & Ethics, Leadership of CSR, and CSR Impacts. It is open until March 19th.

Some respondents’ comments

As you may see from some of the nice comments received from participants after they responded, it seems we are on the right track to help companies’ progress in the sustainability area:

I was pleased to respond. Unfortunately I missed to respond the previous research and regretted it. I found the questions insightful and I hope this kind of research can help move things forward. (VP HR MEA)

I enjoyed the survey (Head of Sustainability Leadership)

Thank you for the survey invite. Happy to help you! (Global CSR Senior Manager)

Thanks for the invitation to participate – I just did. I found the questionnaire interesting and look forward to the results. (VP Corporate Responsibility)

Thanks for the note and completed the CSR survey. Interesting area of work… (GM EMEA)

Thanks for including me in this survey. Glad to contribute. (Head of Sustainability)

Interested? come join and fill the survey and/or share the news with your contacts – thank you !

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