CSR Strategic Planning research – answer = 28 Feb. 2018

Our goal is to gather insights and best practices on CSR strategic planning, to help executives and experts benchmarkhow they create their blueprint for sustainable practices adoption, while remaining business oriented. 

This short questionnaire (16 questions, 10 mins to answer) is intended for CSR executives and experts, and other people well involved and aware of their company's CSR strategy. Consultants may answer for a client company. Identities and answers will be anonymized in the report. The more information you share, the richer the survey report will be!

The survey is open until end February 2018.

Participants will receive the report with our analysis and findings in March 2018.


This research is conducted by Early Strategies, an organizational change consultancy, and relayer via the @CSRexecs twitter thread. For any questions please contact us at: